Telecom Towers

We design and construct free-standing towers, monopoles and guy masts for the telecommunication, wind energy and electricity transportation. We build shelters for BTS equipment.

We equally design using other internationally recognized standards and Clients specifications. our designs are tested in MS Towers, TNX towers, MS Tower, Staad Pro, etc. to ensure that they are able to withstand environment constrains, actual loading and dynamic loading conditions. We undertake a complete scope of building Telecom sites from Analyses for the Infrastructural aspects and up to a Full Turnkey delivery of operational sites; including:

  • Design, fabrication and construction of guy and free-standing towers including monopoles.
  • Commissioning and decommissioning of a great array of Telecommunication Towers and BTS sites
  • Delivery of vacant or wholly Integrated equipment Shelters;
  • Complementing on-site Civil Works, such as earthwork, concrete, grounding, fencing etc;
  • Tower Erection (Self Supporting, Guyed, Monopoles electric Energy Transportation Towers)
  • Dynamic Cone Penétration (DCP) testing including analyses and survey,
  • Grounding (Earthing) of telecom infrastructures
  • Installation of Safety features in telecom towers (tower aviation lamps at the crown, lifelines etc., painting)
  • Construction of shelters for Indoor installations, technical facilities construction and interior design, connection and installation of power generation set up
  • Installation and connection of FTTA (optical fibers to antenna)

Our smart teams of telecom tower Services engineers, riggers and technicians will efficiently manage all facades of the tower erection and antenna installation process from preliminary site planning to ultimate system turn-up, as well as in-house structural adjustment and modification.

Our proven project management processes deliver results that meet or exceed customer expectations for quality and cost effectiveness, and make certain that all critical project deadlines are met. The Smart Telecom teams are trained and certified tower professionals with competences to handle the most complex tower construction projects, and deliver a complete turnkey service